Join us May 1 and 2, 2021 as we celebrate all that was gained and restored though your generosity from last year’s Reach and Restore Campaign, and step into the opportunity of showing love and mercy as we Reach and Restore!

This year, as a family of Fearless Followers, we want to reach out into the lives of children, families, the homeless, the hungry, and the orphan to show them the restorative love of Jesus.  As we look with  hope in the year 2021, we see that adults and children feel the effects of poverty, hunger, and sickness.  We believe that we can reach out with hope to make a difference. 

Reach and Restore 2021

The heart behind Reach and Restore 2021 is to inspire Fearless Followers to partner financially and relationally with those in need in our city, region, and world. We can be vessels who bring restoration and reconciliation through the giving of our time and monetary resources. The total financial investment is $150,000. The total relational investment will cost us time but build the Kingdom exponentially.

In Our City

We want to provide security, sustainability, and support to children and families locally who are experiencing the widespread problems of food insecurity and housing instability.  This year’s Reach and Restore Campaign will provide the tools of education, nourishing meals, and quality counseling to families in crisis. This will all be done in collaborative partnerships with our caring Fearless Community and our valuable missional partners. 


  • The GateAn after-school youth program where community members invest in middle and high school students. The Gate is now able to house its offices at Cultivate’s new facility. This has strengthened the strategic partnership between The Gate and Cultivate Church, dramatically increasing both organizations’ impact in the Hamilton community.
  • Covid Support/Counseling/Single Mom’s ministry
  • New Neighbor Boxes
  • Community Investment
  • Love INC: Love in the Name of Christ: Hamilton’s mission is to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ. 
  • Hungry for Christ

Ridge Point  

  • Kids Food Basket: Helping to nourish children with sack suppers, provide gardening opportunities here on Ridge Point grounds, and provide hospitality and invitation to local schools to view KFB gardens.
  • Young Lives – We are for every child. The hope is that we can provide teen moms and their children with much needed childcare and school supplies along with Young Lives camp experience.
  • Community Action House (CAH) – “Food Club” Helping to fight hunger locally, though the Food Club partnership and helping to end poverty though classes that build necessary skills to achieve a stable and purposeful life.  Volunteer opportunities include assisting at the store and participating in food club drives. 
  • Long Term Housing: help 4-6 families move toward sustainability with long term housing and mentorship.
  • COVID Support: continued support and counseling
  • Habitat for Humanity: Helping to provide sustainable housing to low-income families and to aid in home repair for those in need. Fearless Followers can participate in home builds and maintenance repair.
  • Creation Ridge: This past year we hosted about 80 preschoolers. This coming year, registration is already at 130! RP provides school scholarships for families and helps offset the cost of rain and snow gear associated with the outdoor preschool. We also provide coupons and invitation for Creation Ridge Families to participate in outdoor concerts and Fearless Follower Bridge events.

Third Coast

  • Member-led Initiative Grants Fund: Empowering member-led community programs, i.e. Community meals/service, volunteer events
  • Douglas ElementaryOur members partner with local schools to provide holiday family relief, volunteer classroom support, teacher care and encouragement, annual trauma education, and ongoing support of school events and programs.
  • Community Recreation/Town Crier 5K: Sponsoring sports teams, sporting events
  • Counseling Fees: Helping community obtain counseling for parenting/marriage
  • Food Relief: i.e. Children’s First, Lakeshore, Local Food Pantry
In Our Region
  • Pullman: Sunday church service, community development, and counseling support
  • Mosaic: Equipping area families that are struggling with resources to help keep their families together or to reunite them.
  • Day of Hope: Focus on mental health of students, and care and support of teachers and administrators.
  • Marriage Series: Focused effort to continue supporting couples in their pursuit of thriving marriages.
In Our World
  • Guatemala – Paradise Bound: Adopting the Village of Cambacol to build a 10-year partnership through building homes, digging a well, planting a church, and equipping a church planter.
  • Honduras – Avance Misionero: Build/renovate housing for 1- 3 Compassion families.
  • Zambia – Jubilee Centre:
    • Support for the Savings Groups. With your support, families are growing their own finances and able to save and prepare for tomorrow.
    • Home rehabilitation: many of our sponsored childrens’ families own their own homes but are in need of repair. We get to partner with volunteers from the families’ churches, who will assist with the repairs.