Join us May 22, 2022 as we celebrate all that was gained and restored though your generosity from last year’s Reach and Restore Campaign, and step into the opportunity of showing love and mercy as we Reach and Restore!

This year, as a family of Fearless Followers, we want to reach out into the lives of children, families, the homeless, the hungry, and the orphan to show them the restorative love of Jesus.  As we look with  hope in the year 2022, we see that adults and children feel the effects of poverty, hunger, and sickness.  We believe that we can reach out with hope to make a difference. 

Reach and Restore 2022

The heart behind Reach and Restore 2022 is to inspire Fearless Followers to partner financially and relationally with those in need in our city, region, and world. We can be vessels who bring restoration and reconciliation through the giving of our time and monetary resources. The total financial investment is $125,000. The total relational investment will cost us time but build the Kingdom exponentially.

In Our City

This year’s Reach and Restore Campaign will provide the tools of education, nourishing meals, and quality counseling to families in crisis. This will all be done in collaborative partnerships with our caring Fearless Community and our valuable missional partners. 

Third Coast

  • COMMUNITY CARE – We will provide resources for counseling and financial relief for families in our community.
  • CARING FOR OUR KIDS – We will care for and support our teachers and education staff at Douglas Elementary. Additionally, we will care for underprivileged youth and children through our partnerships with First Tee and Beechpoint Camp.
  • COMMUNITY ENHANCEMENT AND OUTREACH – We will partner with the City and other non-profits to invest in community parks, programs and events creating bridge opportunities to help others meet Jesus.

Ridge Point  

  • FOOD INSECURITY – Partnering with “Kids Food Basket” we will bring awareness and impact to food insecurity in West Michigan by building an educational farm on our property.
  • IMMIGRATION – Partnering with local churches and non-profit groups we will help mitigate immigration costs for those seeking permanent citizenship.
  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – We long for our community to see the Church as a place to run to and not from. We will invest in productive ways to bless those around us with the love of Jesus.


  • CARING FOR OUR KIDS – Partnering with “The Gate” we will continue to create a place of belonging and ways to meet Jesus for the students of our community after school.
  • FOOD INSECURITY AND COMMUNITY CARE – Partnering with “Hungry for Christ” and “Love Inc.” we will invest in tangible ways to meet the needs of those in our community who lack adequate nourishment and provision.
  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – We will continue our efforts to be a blessing to Hamilton and beyond by providing enhancements to our facilities and property for the community to use.
In Our Region
  • MOSAIC AND CARE PORTAL – Through our partnership with “Mosaic” we will provide launch funds for a tool that will connect local social service agencies together with churches in the Allegan and Ottawa area. This interactive portal works to encourage individual needs to be posted and believers from across our region to fulfi ll the needs for the purpose of providing support and showing the love of Jesus.

  • PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE – We will provide continued support for Pastor Mike Jones as he launches church services, bible studies and care for the individuals in Pullman.

In Our World
  • PARADISE BOUND MINISTRIES – In Guatemala we will partner with “Paradise Bound” to build houses, provide adequate water supply, and invest in the surrounding areas through our mission trip teams.

  • CHILD SPONSORSHIPS – We will continue to support children and families in Zambia and Honduras through our partnerships with the Jubilee Center and Compassion International.

  • MISSION TRIP SCHOLARSHIPS – We will provide life changing missional experiences for Fearless Followers. After years of canceled mission trips, these funds will help to enhance personal relationships with our partners. 

  • UKRAINE SUPPORT – We will provide support and resources to a local church in Ukraine who is actively caring for our fellow brothers and sisters in Jesus.