This weekend, the Ridge Point family starts a nine-week series titled “The Journey: Discovering Our Story in the Story of God.” 

Through the series, we will explore the major moments of the Old Testament culminating with the death and resurrection of Jesus. This is going to be a great series, but there are some things I am particularly excited about.

First, we have been hard at work developing some simple symbols to correlate with each week’s teachings. As we journey through the series, these symbols will help us see and remember the connected story. Additionally, these symbols will help all of us tell this incredible story to our friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates and families. 

Second, this series will meet you where you are. If you know little of the Bible (especially the Old Testament), you will learn key stories in the progression of God’s story and see how they connect. If you are familiar with the stories already, we believe you will gain fresh insights and new applications for your walk with God. Incidentally, this is a great series to invite someone you know who is interested in the Bible and just trying to “get it.” 

Finally, I am excited to see how we all can find ourselves in these stories as we journey together. Often times we look at the stories of the Bible as irrelevant and dated tales of people living in a far-away land some 5,000 years ago. Yet, the stories of scripture are stories of real people, facing real problems, interacting with a real God; the same God, in fact, that we interact with today. Along this journey we may find that these stories are not only relevant to us living in West Michigan in 2017, but that we are very much the same as the characters we encounter along the way.

Kevin Pike 
Senior Pastor