Imagine you want to go hiking. You have all your gear ready. You’ve packed your water and your food. There’s only one challenge. You have never hiked this trail before. You have a map but you are not sure how reliable your map is. You don’t want to miss the best sites and views. what are you going to do? Well, two things can to make your hike much better. First, a reliable guide can show you the best trails and most beautiful sights. Second, hike with a group of friends and you will be telling stories about this hike long after it’s over.

Rooted is a little like that. Only much better. The first question I normally get asked is “What is Rooted?” To which I usually reply – Rooted is an adventure with God and with others that elevates your faith, builds you up relationally, and leaves a lasting impact on your life. In Rooted, you have guides who have hiked the trail a few times and are familiar with the spiritual experiences along the way. You have the company of fellow hikers also looking for a life changing experience.

I have been part of the Rooted Experience for more than 10 years. In each session, I have met people whose unique stories have intersected with my own and grown my faith. Rooted has helped me experience more of God, more of who He created and is calling me to be and the joy of fellowship with others as we journey together.

Mark Twain famously said that the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. The former is easy. We celebrate it every year. It is the latter that we struggle with. Rooted seeks to connect you with others who are also seeking to discover the ‘why’ and together you grow into the life the abundant life God offers us in Jesus. Through Rooted, you get to see God in one another and gain clarity about His plan for your life.

 Whether you have been a believer for a long time, new to the faith or exploring Christianity, Rooted will leave you in a much better place than you are right now. The Fall session kicks off on Sunday, September 20th. Sign up here for both in-person and on-line sessions. Find out more here 

 Jerry Rawlings

Rooted Coordinator