Hey There Fellow Fearless Followers!

It was such a privilege to learn along with you this weekend. The whole message can be viewed here, but here’s the summary and a few next steps.

Our emotions are like a pot of boiling water. We all react when things heat up. Some to a greater degree than others. When life heats up and our emotions get to a boil. It can be really hard. It can make a real mess.

Thankfully God, in His goodness, shows us a few healthy ways to navigate those hard times. In the last few hours of his life, we see Jesus (the perfected human) practice a profound but power process (Mark 14:32-38). Here’s the process:

Feel It: He doesn’t pretend. He doesn’t fake it. He just feels how he feels. Feelings can be avoided but they can’t be ignored. Unexpressed feelings can be devastating to our bodies. Feel how you feel. Feel it.

Say It: Jesus tells his closest friends how he’s feeling. He says it OUT LOUD. There is great power and relief to verbally acknowledging inner angst. Talk to someone. Talk to a professional. Say it.

Trust God With It: Jesus cries out to God and trusts God with his pain. I know it sounds “churchy” but studies show that people who pray and read the Bible actually experience relief from inner pain and depression. The Scripture reminds us that the Holy Spirit is considered to be the divine comforter. Going to God, Trusting Him with our pain provides an opportunity for God to pour comfort and relief into the rolling boil of our emotions.

Feel it.
Say it.
Trust God with it.

It’s not a perfect formula, but it’s a great place to start. And, hey, it worked for Jesus.

Here are a few other resources for you to consider…


Emotional Health Group: Journey to Wholeness
This group will explore the struggles that we face and how we can cope. It’s an opportunity for us to connect, share our experiences, and support each other in our struggles. We do not have to face these struggles alone; we are called to walk alongside each other in our life journey towards healing and wholeness. Contact Emily at ehillman_2011@hotmail.com

Suicide Grief Support Group
Ellen Eggerding is a licensed counselor who leads a book study on going through the grief of losing someone to suicide. She can be reached at: e.r.eggerding.llpc@gmail.com

Personal Counseling
RPs counseling partners are Winning at Home, Hope and Wholeness Psychology, and Midtown counseling. Contact care@fearlessfollower.org to get more info.

Shepherding Elders
We have a number of elders who love to listen and care for those in our communities. Contact care@fearlessfollower.org for more info.

Books, Blogs, Podcasts and Articles:

Brené Brown
Brené Brown is an expert on emotional health and resiliency. Her books, videos, and podcasts are excellent resources.

Jordan Peterson
Jordan Peterson is a well-known psychologist and author. His books and podcasts are great for a deeper dive on living a full and healthy life.

Men and Emotional Health

Dealing with Stress

Let’s keep learning and living in greater emotional health!

Grace and Peace,

Whitney Housenga and Josh Zoerhof
Care Coordinator and Teaching Pastor
Ridge Point Community Church
Fearless Family of Churches