Text: Romans 8:31-39

Message Guide:

  1. God Is For You!
  2. God Fights For You!
  3. God’s Love Is Relentless!

Deeper Dive:

QUESTION 1 – Do you consider yourself a resilient person? Why/Why not?

QUESTION 2 – Paul tells us in Romans 8:31-39 that the ultimate expression of God being “for us” is that he gave his son for us. Now that we are His children, God loves us relentlessly and fights for us even when we mess up! What does it mean to you that God fights for you?

QUESTION 3 – Resilience is sometimes the difference between embracing all that God wants us to experience or settling for something less. In what ways have you found a lack of resilience causing you to settle for something less?

QUESTION 4 – Resilience is not about personal constitution, optimism, or discipline. It is about the fact that with Jesus, we are more than conquerors. What difference does knowing this truth make in your life?

QUESTION 5 – God’s protection does not usually block us from hardship, it blocks us from discouragement, from giving up, from not bouncing back! When have you let hardship lead to discouragement and giving up?

QUESTION 5 – The only thing standing in the way of discovering the Jesus as more than a conqueror is ourselves. What commitment do you need to make to fully experience God’s love and power in 2021?