Text: Romans 8:28-29

Message Guide:

  1. Progress is Promised
  2. His Process is Perfect

Deeper Dive:

QUESTION 1 – If given the opportunity, which situations in the past year would you like to “reboot?”

QUESTION 2 – Paul tells us that God works in all things for for the good of those who love and serve Him. What situations in your life has God worked through this year? As you look back do you see His faithfulness?

QUESTION 3 – How can God work in your situations this year to make you more like Jesus?

QUESTION 4 – How often do you pray for God to change your situation or your circumstances? How often do you pray that He will make you more like Jesus?

QUESTION 5 – Paul tells us that God’s process of making us more like  Jesus cannot be stopped. How is this encouraging to you? 

QUESTION 5 – As we enter a new year – what areas of your life do you need God’s help in? How can the struggles of 2020 become the strength of 2021 as we follow Jesus and Fearlessly Make Him Known.