Remember making a Valentine’s Day mailbox for your grade school desk? Maybe like me, you decorated an empty cereal or Kleenex box to collect the candy hearts and cards people made for you. As we waded into high school and college, we understood more of what lies behind Valentine’s Day – love. And now some of us are planning to start or strengthen a marriage.

Marriage is a beautiful thing. A married person once told me their spouse “doubled my joy, halved my sorrows and tripled my debt.” Any of us preparing for or participating in a marriage understand that marriage is complex. There are joys, trials, debt, jobs and a host of other issues to work through well.

This is why we offer a Marriage Workshop for people preparing to enter the world of marriage. Every newly married couple have questions about what to expect once they’re married. This workshop, held during the Sundays in March, is designed to help engaged couples learn more about themselves and each other before their wedding day.

After the wedding day, couples realize their work isn’t done. There are still things to work through, and having trusted allies to talk with can encourage, strengthen and even reignite a marriage. A team of trained couples who have been married for 15+ years have made themselves available to help younger marriages avoid and work through issues together. If you’re interested in connecting with Marriage Mentors, sign up for the Marriage Workshop. Or maybe you’d like to become a Marriage Mentor.

Maybe when you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, you and your partner should discuss attending the Marriage Workshop or starting a Marriage Mentoring relationship. It’d be better than making a Valentine’s Day mailbox out of a cereal or Kleenex box!

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