Whether it’s resetting from a couple of years of a pandemic or just needing to reset because we drift off the path at times, the teaching this summer will be insightful and relevant. We will see how Jesus is a “reset partner’ for us every day. Plan to attend as many services as possible in person, we are only a click away to join virtually, no matter where you are.


Along with the summer readings, you can watch the Word Of The Day from different pastors, teachers and leaders across our family of churches. They help inform and enlighten the scripture texts in the RESET reading plan. Find them here.

This series, from the book of Genesis and New Testament will examine multiple stories that shape the narrative arch of Israel’s origin story. Following Genesis 3 – the rest of the story is a series of “resets” that  reveal God’s restorative work. As we unpack these “resets” – we will draw out how Jesus, our savior and friend, invites us to join Him in  “resetting” us to full life day by day.


June 19/20 – Reset: To Hope

Text: Genesis 1-2, Genesis 3 

This first teaching will highlight the beginning (how it started) and the fracture (how it’s going) – and the need for a reset. We all need a reset – and from the very beginning – God had a plan to reset creation. His solution – was ultimately Jesus.

June 26/27 – Reset: To Repentance

Text: Genesis 4; I John 1:9

The first reset that we see after the “rebellion” is in God’s extension of mercy to Cain and that people realize their need for God and call on His name. How do we reset from “sin” – we call of God in prayer and repentance.

July 3/4 - Reset: To New Life

Text: Genesis 6-7; Colossians 1:13; 1 Peter 3:18-20

The next “reset” we see is God’s reset of the world – drowning the sin and wickedness and establishing a new covenant with Noah. For a true reset to occur – we need Jesus to fulfill the covenant and rescue us from our sins.

July 10/11 – Reset to Generosity

Text: Genesis 14; Hebrews 7

The next “reset” we see is in Abraham’s giving of his “tithe” to the King of Salem (where the word Jerusalem comes from) – as a way to honor and Bless God, while simultaneously rejecting wealth from the King of Sodom (due to Sodom’s significant evil). We see a great reset in our lives when we align/bond ourselves with those who seek God (and Jesus is the Highest Example of one who lived this way) and resist aligning ourselves with those who do evil.

July 17/18 – Reset to Comfort

Text: Genesis 16; Matthew 9:36

The next “reset” story we see is in the life of Hagar. Hagar (an Egyptian servant) is thrown into a chaotic life when she conceives a child from Abram (outside of the promise) and is poorly treated by Sarai – so much so that she flees into the desert to die. God meets her and sees her – God provides for her and gives her a new outlook on life. We cannot “reset” our lives by running away from our struggles, but by turning to a God who promises to provide.

July 24/25 – Reset to Rest

Text: Genesis 28; John 1:47-50; Genesis 32:22-32

Before a “self-reliant” Jacob can enter the promised land – he must become a “God-reliant” Israel – who, in times of difficulty must choose to cling to God for “dear life” instead of rejecting Him and letting go…We reset our lives when we move from self-reliant to God-reliant.

July 31/August 1 – Reset to Humility

Text: Genesis 37-40; Phil 2:1-12

The next “reset” story we see is in the way Joseph responds to suffering and poor circumstances. He chooses a life of integrity, humility, and service to God. No matter what adversity we face, we can choose to “reset” through humility and integrity.

August 7/8 – Reset to Wholeness

Text: Genesis 41-50

The final “reset” story we see is in the forgiveness of Joseph, the salvation of a nation and the restoration of Joseph and his family to wholeness. We ultimately find the greatest “reset” when we are willing to forgive and be forgiven. God can redeem and restore through Jesus and move us into wholeness – we too can experience the greatest “reset.”