When will the next Rooted session be offered?

The next season of Rooted will start Sunday, September 18, 2022.

Can my Life Group sign up for Rooted?

Yes, your life group can go through this experience together. Your current leader can lead, or we can help identify someone to lead your group. Contact us to find out more.

Is there a cost to participate in Rooted?

The cost to attend Rooted is $30 per person and $55 for couples. Needs-based scholarships are available.

Is childcare available?

Yes. Free, on-campus childcare is available.

Do I have to go through Rooted to get into a Life Group?

No, we do not require individuals to go through Rooted. However, our hope is that everyone in Fearless Network church will go through Rooted and join a Life Group.

Do Rooted groups transition into Life Groups?

We hope so! As you go through Rooted, your group will determine whether or not you’ll become a Life Group.

What is a Life Group?

Click here to learn more.