At the beginning of the year, an idea was presented by one of our Fearless Residents to start serving at our local nursing homes. The mission was to simply provide a consistent presence so that we could build new relationships, share the love of Jesus through word and action, and meet the spiritual needs of the residents. On Easter, many families from Cultivate visited residents at Golden Orchards (located in Fennville, MI) and brought encouraging cards and flowers along to bless them.

It was a beautiful display of remembering those that may feel forgotten, no longer have friends or family living locally, or have loved ones who have passed away. 40% of nursing home residents exhibit some sense of loneliness, and with that comes lower quality of life. Currently, we have many church members visiting twice a month to continue being a positive influence and to bring the love of Jesus into their homes.

Even though you and I are guaranteed to get older in age and witness our physical bodies slowly deteriorate over time, we hold onto the truth that Jesus Christ is unchanging (Hebrews 13:8). This means that Jesus’ love for us does not change either, no matter our age. What an amazing blessing this is!

We are called to love and live like Him, so let us continue to be His hands and feet wherever He leads. Who knows – it may even be at your local Nursing Home!

Author: Worship Pastor, Justin Kolean