In a church family as large and widespread as our Fearless Family, there are so many partnerships, missions, and work being done in Christ’s name that many of us are not aware of. If you don’t know much about 70×7 Life Recovery, we have a great listen for you! Pastor Scott Potter had the unique opportunity to join Movement West Michigan, a bi-weekly podcast with local Christian leaders, to talk about the partnership with 70×7 Life Recovery!

What does it mean to come alongside one another in the midst of chaos? In this podcast, hear the story of how we partner with 70×7 Life Recovery to foster meaning, value, and purpose in those willing to invest in genuine relationships. Regular gatherings for returning citizens, families of those who have been incarcerated, and the local Body of Christ is just one of the ways 70×7 is building bridges to true community. Listen to hear how the unconditional love of Jesus is changing lives through this partnership!

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