At Ridge Point, we want to be a family of believers that cares deeply for one another and helps individuals become more like Jesus.

When the early-Church realized they needed to carry one another’s burdens better, they gathered a group of mature believers who would do just that. Acts 6 tells us that when people heard the stories of how this church was taking care of one another, “the word of God spread” and “the number of disciples increased rapidly.”

A year ago, we did a similar thing. We gathered a group of mature believers with the purpose of helping other Fearless Followers who have asked for help in their spiritual journey. We called this group our Shepherding Elders.

Our Care Ministry recently shared a few stories about how the Shepherding Elders are impacting our faith family:

After struggling through a messy family situation, a woman reached out to us looking for encouragement and spiritual guidance. From that first step, a Shepherding Elder has had the opportunity to walk with this woman and her children, attend Ridge Point’s Trunk or Treat Halloween event with them, and the Shepherding Elder continues to faithfully provide spiritual support and council to her during tough times.


One of the difficulties many people have is finding reliable transportation, which often makes attending church a challenge. One of our Shepherding Elders has faithfully and selflessly driving multiple people to and from church for quite some time. Additionally he has faithfully visited individuals in the hospital whenever there is a need.

We are now taking nominations from Fearless Followers for Shepherding Elders’ people you think would be a great fit for this important ministry team in our churches. This is someone who can provide godly counsel, encouragement, friendship, and even give some tough love when necessary. You can read about some of the qualifications and requirements on our website. You can also nominate someone there.

We look forward to hearing and sharing the stories God rights as her faith family comes together to help each other become more like Jesus.