What a privilege to be a part of changing one life, or one family’s lives. Please consider participating in this program. It is a small commitment, with huge rewards!

When I started sponsoring Florence in 2013, she was 10 yrs old. Her family could only afford one meal a day. She lived in a rented mud house with her mother, two sisters, and brother.

By 2015, they had enough money for 2 meals, Florence was meeting all school requirements & they were able to sell vegetables.

2016 brought a report that she had improved dramatically at school and was involved in activities at church.

2017: At home they now manage to have three meals a day. At times she buys her own clothes. At church she led an intercession meeting. Her mother has started to sell charcoal and beans. “Things have changed in my life”, she says.

2018 – present: Florence continues to progress nicely. The letters continue to come, and our relationship has continued to grow, even though we have never met.

I had the privilege to be in Zambia in 2006 on a mission trip. It is a beautiful country of beautiful people. But many Zambians struggle daily for the necessities of life that we take for granted. I am so grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the life of one young girl and her family.

Her pastor, Boyd Nymbili, is very serious with the kids in his church.  He walks alongside and does all that he can to assist with tutoring, watching over their spiritual welfare, and provides encouragement.

Here are a few personal excerpts from her letters:

“Starting in April, I have been saving a little money from the amount you support me with. We have started a savings group of young children who are going to learn how to save.”

“I received your Christmas gift. My mother and I rejoiced, and we were very happy. I bought very nice shoes in order to remember the special gift. I also bought chicken meat for us. In Zambia we eat chicken with Nshima on special days like Christmas and New Year”.

“I love you”

“I have no words that can express my great joy that I have right now. I have increased our small business of selling charcoal with some money that remained after buying all school items. Thank you. School is going on very well and I am working hard. May God keep on adding blessings to you, both good health and spiritual increase.”

If you finished reading this, please pray about what your response will be. Changing these children’s lives changes ours. God bless you.

Kristin G

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