Dear Fearless Followers,

This weekend is both the conclusion and beginning of an historic journey in our Fearless Family of Churches. As we have journeyed through the lives of Abraham and Sarah, we have learned what it means to be All In for the Lord. This Saturday night and Sunday morning our whole church family will have the chance to commit with our hearts and our finances to go All In for the vision God has called us to pursue.

All In is important on two levels. As far as our mission to impact West Michigan been more urgent. The percent of children, students and adults in our communities who are spiritually lost and headed for a Christless eternity has never been higher. All In is about reaching these people through making our current churches more vibrant and expanding our influence through new church plants. Our commitment will tangibly translate to people far from God coming to Jesus!

All In also has the potential to impact each of us as individuals, marriages and families. When the Lord asks us to surrender it is not just because of how our sacrifice impacts others, but how it transforms us. This is why the #1 goal for All In is 100% participation by all of us. As we go All In – pursuing his mission, putting him first, trusting him fully – we become more like Jesus!

I know you have been thinking and praying about your commitment. Now, just hours out, ask Jesus to lead you to the exact commitment he wants you to make. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the courage to go All In!

I am so excited to share this All In defining moment with you this weekend!


Kevin Pike
Senior Pastor
Fearless Family of Churches