Dear Fearless Followers,

This weekend we start a new series following the time of the Judges of Israel. We are so excited for this series and what we will learn from it. Believe it or not, this Old Testament book can tell us a lot about our current lives.

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a downward spiral? Perhaps you know someone who always seems stuck in dangerous patterns. Whether it’s a struggle with addictive substances, bad relationships, or just repetitive areas of sin, so many of us struggle with life cycles that feel like, at any moment, they might spiral out of control. If you have ever wondered, “How can I help my friend who seems to be spiraling out of control?” or “How can I get out this negative cycle?”, you are not alone and GOOD NEWS – God gives us a way out!

Early in Israel’s history, God’s people were stuck in a downward spiral of behavior that got worse and worse. In the Old Testament this period was known as the time of “The Judges.” In all honesty, Judges reads a lot like a soap opera with deception, betrayal, salaciousness and even murder. In the back drop of a society spinning out of control, the Lord raises up judges (leaders) who are used to deliver God’s people. We learn what causes us to spiral, and how a gracious God intervenes through people, circumstances and his presence to rescue us. Over the next five weeks we will explore some of the most interesting stories of Judges and discover how God helps us to “Escape the Spiral.”

This may be one of the best and most helpful teaching series we’ve ever done. It’s the perfect series to invite a friend, neighbor, co-worker and/or anyone who likes a really good (or really bad) soap opera, but doesn’t want to live one!

We’ll see you (and your friends) THIS WEEKEND for “As The World Turns: Escaping the Spiral.”

Grace and Peace,

Kevin Pike
Senior Pastor
Fearless Family of Churches