Thank you, Fearless Followers for being “For Every Child”!  With your donations of backpacks and school supplies, 150 + kids have the supplies they need to start school well.

I would like to introduce you to Bryna, one of our Fearless Ridge Kids (and pictured above).  She purchased a backpack for Fill the Bus and filled it with supplies using her own money!  Through this gift, Bryna is reaching out to a fellow student with the hope and love of Jesus

Pray with us for these and all of our students as they begin this school year in such unusual times.  Pray for health, peace, and an open mind.  Please pray for their teacher as well who are working so hard to provide a safe space for kids to learn and grow.

Students connected to Creation Ridge, Pullman Ministries, Stronger Together, and Young Lives are blessed because of you!

Contact to learn more about Fearless Family Missions and ways you can continue to be “For Every Child”