Unlike last year, my IF: experience was not so much the ravenous note taking, hanging in desperation on every word, waiting for the “ah ha” moment of faith, as much as it was sitting on the fringes and watching God. Show. Up.

Our Lead Team could testify.

I could go on for days about how God took the little resources we had that very first planning meeting as we prayed about bringing the IF:Gathering to Ridge Point and he multiplied and moved and stirred hearts and prepared the way.  He grew our faith.  He executed HIS plan.

As a team of random ladies joined together by a big vision…”IF God is real, then what?”  We moved forward and started praying and planning and moving, and asking, and praying some more and working some more, and God did an awesome thing.  He brought women through the doors.

As our team stood in front of 160+ women that first night, it was a powerfully moving experience for me.  God showed up.  He brought the women together.  He brought exactly who he wanted into that room.  After months of prayers and planning and asking, after months of doing the work, after months of trying to remain faithful to what we believed God had called us to–even when it was hard, He did it.  He brought women together, in his name.

Standing in the back of the room watching women worship together, fellowship, share, laugh, encourage one another, it was truly beautiful.

In reflection of this weekend, God reminded me of how he called Moses to a certain purpose and he called Elijah to another certain purpose just as he called this random group of women to form the IF:team for a certain purpose.  The common denominator in all of these examples is…God calls us, we obey and do the work, and he shows Up.  He showed up through water from the rock, he showed up in fire in front of the 450 prophets of Baal, and he showed up at Ridge Point church through the IF: simulcast to encourage the women of this community that he is alive and well and doing a powerful work among us and is calling us to partner with him in this work.

As you continue on your journey with Jesus and how He is calling you to participate in His mission consider the following resources.

Our desire is that together we would grow and proclaim the gospel to a world that so desperately needs the love of Jesus!

In Christ,
Melissa Bouma and the Leadership Team