Hey Fearless Followers!

How are you?

That’s an odd question these days. I feel like my response changes moment by moment. With terms like “quarantine” and “pandemic” and “social distancing” on every channel and in every conversation, I’ve really been struggling. Maybe you have too?

Months ago, our leadership felt God prompting us to talk about the struggles we face in everyday life. Little did we know that the series would fall in the midst of COVID-19 and Coronavirus! This may sound crazy – but I’m really excited for this series. I’ve been personally challenged and encouraged as we’ve studied and prepared for these messages. Honestly, I feel like these are messages that I need to hear every day.

I want to invite you engage in these messages in two specific ways:

  • Download the Weekend Study Guide – this is a simple document to help take the message to a more personal and honest level
  • Invite a friend to watch with you (hosting a Facebook watch party) – these are crazy times and we have an opportunity to point people to the hope of Jesus and the help of the Scripture and Spirit

Fearless followers “The Struggle is Real” but we have a God who makes all the difference.

I’d usually say – see you this weekend (but I won’t UGH!)…so instead I’ll say this, “We miss you. We love you. We are thankful to join with you in the struggle!

Grace and Peace,
Josh Zoerhof
Teaching Pastor
Ridge Point Community Church
Fearless Family of Churches