We are praising God for his goodness!

This past weekend, 140 people gathered together in the Saugatuck community for the first time as Third Coast Community Church. This is a dream that has been growing in our hearts and minds over the past two years. Watching as it took shape was nothing short of fantastic. Emily and I are so thankful for all the support from everyone at Ridge Point!

People came from Ganges, Saugatuck Township, East Saugatuck, Fennville, Laketown, the City of Douglas, and from right here on top of The Hill in Saugatuck to spend time caring for each other and worshiping Jesus together! It was a beautiful and diverse bunch. We are so thankful for every person that God adds to our faith family.

We’ve heard from dozens of people about how this church family is an answer to their prayers. Some have been worshiping at Ridge Point for years and having a local expression of a Fearless Follower church family connects the dots between where they live, work, and play. Others have said they’ve not been involved in a church at all lately and they are excited to get reconnected.

It’s so good, but good doesn’t always mean easy.

My grandfather was a surly old grape farmer, and he often said, “Anything worth doing is worth workin’ at”. We’re finding that to be true.

This is hard work but our deep desire is to follow Jesus where He leads and to introduce Him to those who haven’t felt His love.

It is so rewarding to be part of a church family that is passionate about making His love and hope known to all people. Our posture is one of prayer, trust and radical hospitality for all who would journey with us.

We appreciate your prayers as we continue to be the church God wants us to be in the places, and to the people, that He has blessed us with.

Together we are fulfilling the vision God has placed on our hearts: to make disciples, to develop leaders and to plant churches.

Again, thank you and let’s celebrate together what God is doing in us and through us.

Aaron Brown
Lead Pastor, Third Coast Community Church

Join us at Ridge Point January 14 &15 as we pray with Aaron and the Fearless Followers in Saugatuck and commission Third Coast Community Church!