Let’s Thrive Ridge Point!

The account of Ten Commandments is written to show that God is marrying Israel. It’s a beautiful picture of God’s covenant promise and faithfulness. This isn’t a contractual arrangement based on transactional terms (you do and you get). God is saying to Israel – I am giving you all of me, the very best of myself and for this relationship to work – you must do the same.

God says, “I am your husband. Don’t have any boyfriends. And don’t keep pictures of your ex’s in the house. Give me the best of yourself (and don’t give it to another).

See God As the Best:
Do we see God as the best thing in our lives? The 2nd commandment is crucial to a life of flourishing. Our image of God is so important. Idols are dangerous because they can distort our image of God.

Treat God As The Best:
We all have idols and images that represent other gods. They aren’t the same as Israel’s, but they are just as present and powerful. For some it’s money, control, time, self-image, success, religious traditions, and even false images of God. If we’re honest, many of us can admit that other things get the best of us from time to time.

Cut Out the Rest:
Our relationship with God needs to be so prioritized that if anything gets in the way – it is destroyed. Like two blades coming together our unity with God has the power to cut out our idols. Some cut easier. Some take time to remove. Some we will struggle with our entire lives. For me, it’s success (always haunting, always looming). Thank God for His sustaining grace as He and I work together to remove my stubborn prideful ambition.

Ridge Point let’s see and treat God as the best and, with His help, cut out the rest. Let’s grow closer to this God who has called us and claimed us. Let’s Thrive!

Grace and Peace,

Josh Zoerhof
Teaching Pastor
Ridge Point Community Church
Fearless Family of Churches