LIFE GROUP NIGHT  10/11/2017
Here is what each group is doing.  Please contact the leaders for more info.

5th Girls: Melissa and Amy
Location: 1421 104th Ave Zeeland, MI
Contact: Amy Smith  (616) 953-9911
Info: come in old clothes and to bring 1 ice cream topping with on October 11? We will be creating our decor for our Truck or Treat display: The Mega-Morph Farm.
Food: Dinner will be provided.

5th Boys: Scott and Nick
Location: Helder Park 3751 104th Ave Zeeland, MI
Contact: Scott Smith  (616) 953-9901
Info: Dropoff at 6pm and pickup at 7:30pm.
Food: Snacks

5th Boys: John and Ken
Location: John’s house 4776 40th st Zeeland, MI
Contact: John Heyboer  (616) 990-5884
Info: Movie night from 6pm to 8:30pm
Food: Snacks (popcorn and candy)

6th Boys: Justin, Ken, Zade and Derek
Location: Ken Busscher’s house 8981 Ottogan St Holland, MI
Contact: Justin Wolfenden (262) 510-9902
Info: Playing games from 6-8pm
Food: Pizza

6th Girls: Cate, Maddie, Melissa and Megan
Location: Prairie Winds Community Barn 6611 praire winds drive
Contact: Cate Wiler  (616) 283-3801
Info: 6-8pm play games
Food: snacks

7th Girls: Candice and Heidi
Location: Candices House 4755 42nd st. Zeeland
Contact: Candice Wabeke  (616) 405-8936
Info: Movie Night from 6-8pm
Food: Pizza provided.  Girls can bring snacks

7th Girls: Jen, Tonia and India
Location: Tonia Elenbass’ House 8695 Quincy St. Zeeland, MI
Contact: Tonia Elenaas  (616) 748-6267
Info: 6-8pm
Food: Pizza provided

7th Boys: Terry and Terry
Location: Rebounderz 7500 Cottonwood Dr. Jenison, MI
Contact: Terry Jelsema
Info: 6-8pm Bring $20 to bounce
Food: none provided

7th Boys: Sam and Tanner
Postponing their Life Group Night due to being out of town.

8th Girls: Melissa, Briana, and Ruth
Location: Melissa’s house
6983 104th Ave Zeeland.  Going north on 104th, we are the first driveway on the left just past Blair. White ranch.
Contact: Melissa Kooyers  (616) 836-9825
Info: Bring a camp chair (if ya have one)
Food: Bring your favorite snack to pass.

8th Boys: Travis, Scott, Brent
Location: Travis’ house  4535 72nd Ave Zeeland, MI
Contact: Travis Hanges  (616) 258-0526
Info: Bon fire from 6-8pm
Food: Hot dogs and some snacks