We’re planting a church in the Twin Cities!

(That's the St. Joseph/Benton Harbor area)

Meet the Koller Family!

We are Dan and Janine Koller. We’ve been married for over 13 years and love spending time together with our kids, Asa (10), Ezra (3), and Isla (18 months) We are passionate about discipling people to live lifestyles that reflect the heart and life of Jesus. Our home and family are our greatest tools in ministry, and we love to extend invitation to others to join us in pursuit of Jesus. We believe God’s Kingdom is meant to invade every day of our lives and we do our best to live that belief out authentically together. We desire to plant a church that is intentionally helping people come to Jesus and that together we are a family of disciples on mission.

Ultimately, we are living out our mission to Follow Jesus and Fearlessly Make Him Known!

Why Plant in the Twin Cities?

Janine and I are excited to share the calling God has given our family to plant a Fearless Family Church in the St. Joseph | Benton Harbor area! After extensive research and prayer, we believe that a Fearless Family Church is an ideal fit for an area that is experiencing a missing generation in the church—the 18 to 35 year-old singles and young families. There are exciting opportunities for us to bring the Kingdom of God in a diverse area that is not currently being reflected in most area churches. Through an emphasis on forming intentional Families of Disciples on Mission and engaging with local schools, we can address many of the barriers in both of these challenges.

5 Ways to Participate



  • 75 people on the launch team
  • Open doors to share the love of Jesus with people in the community
  • Partners in ministry to reach a missing generation in the church


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Join an interest meeting

  • Saugatuck – August 9 from 6-7:30 at Blue Star Barns
  • Holland – August 16 from 6-7:30 at Ridge Point in the Center
  • Hamilton – August 23 from 6-7:30 at the Gate


Connect us with your connections

Local residents that can help launch a Fearless Family church and be a part of reaching more people in the St Joseph/Benton Harbor area.

Call or text (616) 617-3028


serve with us!

July/August – Silver Beach family movie nights, July/August – Silver Beach family movie nights, community party

August/September – Block parties and mobile food truck distribution

Learn About
the Twin Cities!

Population: 25,000

29% Goes to Church

only 10% of 18-35 Goes to Church

Ethnicity Breakdown: 53% Caucasian 42% African American 5% Other

Over-churched, but under-discipled!


18-35 year-olds are missing from churches in St Joseph and Benton Harbor

  • 90% are not participating in any church family, many have just stopped attending
  • Religion and rules without authenticity has moved this generation to stop going to church
  • Focusing on relationship, spiritual discipleship and restorative efforts are key to building into these individuals
  • A focus on Life Groups will provide a deeper sense of family and connection to the needs of this generation

Relationship between ethnicities is strained but ready for reconciliation

  • Ethnicity lines between Benton Harbor and St. Joseph are being blurred due to growth, this brings an opportunity for the church to be a bridge
  • School systems are becoming more integrated which breaks down barriers, our student ministry teams will be critical
  • Weekend gatherings will represent a broad spectrum of the community, all are welcome as we follow Jesus together

Almost 50% of the total students don’t have basic needs nor a healthy relational or spiritual support system

  • Building relationships with schools and non-profit support partners to help with basic needs (i.e. food, clothing)
  • Schools are wide open to have churches lean in and help support the students relationally and spiritually
  • Students are starving to connect with people that love and care for them.