Hey There Fearless Family!

We wanted to share something really exciting with you all.

Last night we had over 900 people come through our doors for the Francesca Battistelli “Own It” Tour. It was an amazing event, but the event itself isn’t the most exciting part. The event was made possible by 93 Fearless Volunteers. Walking around last night, there was such an energy of enthusiasm, fun and hospitality which, I’m confident, made Jesus smile. We’ve received incredible feedback from the touring company. They told us that our volunteers were “so amazing” and that we are in the top 1% of churches they’ve worked with – in the nation. A manager from a different touring agency (who came to attend the concert last night) sent me an email this morning and shared this – “I want to start by saying, I was at the concert last night and you guys did an AMAZING job!!! I have been at hundreds of Christian concerts and you guys made the experience one of the best I have ever seen! Everyone was so friendly and helpful!! It was great!!”

Why do we share this with you? Because without volunteers like you, it wouldn’t have happened. As I reflect on God’s message for us all this weekend, I am convinced that “WE” make Family happen, “WE” make church happen. This latest concert and event only exemplifies that truth. For those of you who make an effort to the Family – thank you. Thank you for the hours of time, investment, and devotion to the mission that Jesus has given us. Thank you for all you do to Make Family Happen.

If you are looking for more involvement and engagement in the family, we’d love for you to take your next step here. We’d love to continue to help you take your next step, find your passion areas and participate in the family as we Follow Jesus and Fearlessly Make Him Known.

Grace and Peace,
Josh Zoerhof
Teaching Pastor
Ridge Point Community Church
Fearless Family of Churches