Earlier this month, four children from Third Coast publicly committed their lives to Jesus through baptism. The celebration was incredible. However, there’s something extraordinary about these children that not everyone is aware of: two out of them were adopted. Let that sink in. 50% of the children baptized that Sunday would not be in our community, and may not be in God’s family, had their families not answered the call to stand in the gap for families in crisis.

Adoption is a cause close to the heart of the Fearless Churches, and being a part of this church community has changed my life. You see, one of those families baptizing their child was mine. It was working directly with the volunteers of Mosaic that softened our hearts to the leading of the Holy Spirit to pursue foster care and adoption and led us to the social connection that introduced us to our daughter. I can’t imagine life without our fourth child. Without the challenge, encouragement, and support of our church, our family would not be whole. It was a deep and joyous pleasure to baptize my daughter in a community of people who know her story, with families that know our journey firsthand and care about kids who need a forever family.

So, today I celebrate that I’m a part of a faith family that relentlessly expresses the gospel of Jesus by welcoming children into our homes and God’s Family. This is a beautiful part of who we are as a church community. To paraphrase 3 John 1:4, we have no greater joy than to see our children, any children brought into our family, walking in the truth of Jesus. Thank you for supporting my family and welcoming all of God’s children home.

Not everyone is called to adopt, but everyone can do something to support a child in crisis. Learn more about the 3000+ children waiting for a forever home in Michigan by visiting mare.org, and get involved with Mosaic by visiting mosaicfosteradopt.org.

Author: Pastor Aaron Brown