Our Collective Stories Make a Difference

When was the last time you thought about how and when you made Jesus your Lord and Savior?  Who were the people that loved you and introduced Jesus to you?

All of our Jesus stories are amazing stories of undeserved rescues; where Jesus breaks in and meets us exactly where we are and draws us into his loving arms.  Kevin recently shared some updates about 2016 of how God is collectively using us to intentionally be a group of disciples who are making disciples. Together, we are sharing our stories of rescue with those that God puts in our path.unnamed

My daughter Brittany is a painter and I love to watch how she works to fill in all the details of what she is painting. Each stroke deliberately brings out all the colors needed to make a beautiful piece of art.  As you look at this past year, take time to see how God continues to color in your story.  We serve a God that is purposeful and uses the circumstances in our lives to grow us up and draw us close.

God has an amazing way of blending our stories together to reveal himself to others.  We are active participants in his rescue plan for the world.  As he continues to color in our stories he is using us to help begin others.
This is what we get to do together as a family of Fearless Followers

As this year comes to a close, many of you are considering your year-end gifts. Thank you for your faithful support.  By releasing financial resources into our family of churches, God is using our collective stories to transform lives.  This is an important year for our ministry as we are now a family of three churches. Your investment is making a difference.

Praise God that he wrote us into his story!

Scott Potter

Executive Pastor