Sermon Title: Who Cares For Those I Disagree With?


Text: Philemon 1: 1-21


Message Notes:

  • Value the relationship.
  • Enter conflict with humility.
  • Pursue the win for Jesus.

Deeper Dive:

Reflect on and answer the following questions…

Intro- In this series, we will have the conversation of caring for those in our city,region, and world – those both in and outside of the church, and those who may or may not share our beliefs or cultural perspectives. 

QUESTION 1 – How often do you interact with people who think and/or believe differently than you? 


QUESTION 2 – In his letter, how does Paul show value to his relationship with Philemon – though they are at odds?


QUESTION 3 – How does Paul challenge Philemon into kingdom living and the ways of Jesus? 


QUESTION 4 – When was a time in your life that you dismissed the opinions of another person because you disagreed with them?


QUESTION 5 –  Is there someone in your life that God is calling you to move toward and interact with in a new way?