Sermon Title: Who Cares for Those Who are Hurting?


Text: Matthew 25: 31-46


Message Notes:

  • When we are for others, we are for Jesus.

Deeper Dive:

Reflect on and answer the following questions…

Intro- In this series, we will have the conversation of caring for those in our city, region, and world – those both in and outside of the church, and those who may or may not share our beliefs or cultural perspectives.

QUESTION 1 – Why do you think it’s hard to care for those in need?


QUESTION 2 – What was Jesus’ heart and ministry about (in terms of those who were hurting)?


QUESTION 3 – How can a little mean a lot to someone else?


QUESTION 4 – How is caring for others received by Jesus?


QUESTION 5 – How can you be a part of bringing God’s love and care to those around you?