We are a group of Christ followers that are called to proclaim Jesus and help others do the same.  Together we work under a set of values that focus us and point us in the same direction.

  • Christ In You, Then Through You: Be transformed by who you are in Christ in a way that moves you to transform and bring health to your relationships and environments
  • Stronger Together: Become stronger together by forming authentic relationships founded on trust.
  • Live The Vision: To embody the Fearless DNA in a way that fosters a culture of Kingdom minded disciple makers
  • Pray Like It Depends On God: Constantly engage in effective prayer for the health and direction of the ministry and the advancement of the Kingdom.
  • Work Like It Depends On Us: Work in such a way that God would claim it as His own.
  • Pursue Innovation and Embrace Change: Thinking through new ideas and risking failure so that we are continually improving.
Kevin Pike

Senior Pastor, Fearless Family of Churches, Email Kevin

Scott Potter

Executive Pastor, Fearless Family of Churches, Email Scott

Cory Potter

Lead Pastor, Cultivate Community Church, Email Cory

Aaron Brown

Lead Pastor, Third Coast Community Church, Email Aaron

Shane Cox

Church Planter, Email Shane


Tonya Lichti

Operations Pastor, Email Tonya

Josh Zoerhof

Teaching Pastor, Email Josh

Moses Mares

Weekend Gathering Pastor, Email Moses

Kate Bareman

Community Life Pastor, Email Kate

Mary Jo Busscher

Missional Life Coordinator, Email Mary Jo

Jena Cook

Sunday Nursery Coordinator, Email Cathy

Cathy Dreyer

Childrens Ministry Pastor, Email Cathy

Vicki Ekdom

Weekend Gathering Ministry Assistant, Email Vicki

Jaysen Perkins

Cafe Director, Email Jaysen

Kaitlyn Jacobs

Student Ministry Worship Coordinator, Email Kaitlyn

Caroline Kammeraad

Children's Ministry Coordinator, Email Caroline

Hannah Post

Student Ministry Coordinator, Email Hannah

Mick Knoll

Discipleship Coordinator, Email Mick

Katie Koleszar

Student Ministry Administrative Assistant, Email Katie

Jen Veltema

Care and Support Coordinator, Email Jen

Derek Laird

Student Ministry Pastor, Email Derek

Steve Siebers

Creative and Technical Pastor, Email Steve

Wayne Major

Maintenance/Grounds Facilities Assistant, Email Wayne

Betsy Maxwell

Communications Coordinator, Email Betsy

Greg Muzzey

Campus Services Assistant, Email Greg

Leo Ojeda

Associate Worship Director, Email Leo

Tammy Taminga

Facilties Director, Email Tammy

Amy Roellin

Executive Assistant, Email Amy

Julie Jonkman

Next Steps Coordinator, Email Julie


Sarah Boeve

Volunteer Coordinator, Email Sarah

Kari Ledebuhr

Children Ministry Coordinator, Email Kari

Stephanie VanderKooi

Executive Administrative Assistant and Care & Support Coordinator, Email Stephanie

Jason Scoles

Cultivate Family Life Pastor, Email Jason

Ami Rietema

Groups and Discipleship Coordinator, Email Ami


Erin Rathjen

Ministry Assistant, Email Erin

Zach Shaffer

Family Life Director, Email Zach

Drew Timmer

Worship Director, Email Drew


Karen Wedeven

Finance Coordinator, Email Karen

Ben Folkert

Finance Assistant, Email Ben

Robyne Magee

Fearless Residency & Movement Assistant, Email Robyne

Megan Zimmerman

Operations Ministry Assistant, Email Megan


Lead Elders provide visionary leadership through the leading of the Holy Spirit for the spiritual and physical well being of our Fearless Network of Churches and members.

The Board of Elders is given ultimate responsibility and authority to see that our churches remain on a true course biblically, that its members are being appropriately shepherded, that the body is being fed through insightful and accurate biblical teaching, and that the life of the Church is being well managed with the assistance of other competent and godly leaders.

Kate Steenwyk

Chair Person

Vern Bush

Vice Chair

Kevin Pike

Senior Pastor

Al Steenwyk

Brent Walbridge

Doug Staub

Amy Aernouts

Kurt Rietema

D'Anna Springer


Responsibilities include…

Supporting Relationships

Qualifications include…

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provide the operational framework for the staff and Fearless members to carry out our vision to Make Disciples, Develop Leaders and Plant Churches.

Brian Slagh

Board Chair

Anna White

Vice Chair

Scott Witteveen


Scott Potter

Executive Pastor

Jessica Hoekstra

Scott Lubbers

Doug Stob

Tonya Lichti

John Parker

Tony Rietema


The Board of Directors is delegated by the Lead Elder Board to oversee all staff policy, legal, financial and property owned by the Fearless Family of Churches.  As necessary, further delineation of responsibilities shall be determined by the Lead Elders.  The Board of Directors shall have whatever internal organization it deems appropriate to carry out its responsibilities and to fulfill any requirement necessary for them to act as legal representatives of the Fearless Family of Churches.  For the purpose of coordination and communication, the Board of Directors shall include elder representation and the minutes of all its meetings shall be shared with the Board of Elders and the Management Team.

Supporting Relationships

The Board of Directors reports directly to the Lead Elders Board. 


  • A relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior that results in a life lived in obedience to the will of God as described in the Bible. 
  • A life that reflects the values of our Fearless Churches “Mission and Vision Statements”
  • Spiritual gifts of administration and leadership
  • Non-staff member, except for Senior Pastor (as an Elder) and the Executive Pastor
  • Extensive marketplace experience
  • Meet the leadership qualifications as summarized in 1 Tim 3:8-12 
  • Must be a “Fearless Follower” of one of the Fearless Network Churches

Shepherding Elders

A Shepherding Elder represents the church in matters within the community that require the authority and care of the Elders. The Shepherding Elder will mainly be called upon to aid people in their spiritual journey.

Ridge Point

Diane Slenk

Diane Slenk

Roger	Bosch

Roger Bosch

Patricia	Breuker

Patricia Breuker

Belva	Brieve

Belva Brieve

Jack	Brieve

Jack Brieve

Allen	Busscher

Allen Busscher

Greg	Denton

Greg Denton

James	Deur

James Deur

Marcia	Deur

Marcia Deur

Philip	Elzinga

Philip Elzinga

Keith	Gebben

Keith Gebben

Arthur	Haan

Arthur Haan

Barbara	Hulsman

Barbara Hulsman

Paul	Jager

Paul Jager

Michael	Knoll

Michael Knoll

David	LaHaie

David LaHaie

Amy	Martinie

Amy Martinie

Carla	Mast

Carla Mast

Kurtis	Mast

Kurtis Mast

David	Meeuwsen

David Meeuwsen

Debra	Riemersma

Debra Riemersma

Pam	VanderZwaag

Pam VanderZwaag


Michael	Brinks

Michael Brinks

Sandra	Brinks

Sandra Brinks

Mark	Folkert

Mark Folkert

Mary	Folkert

Mary Folkert

Keith	Hulsman

Keith Hulsman

Duane	Joostberns

Duane Joostberns

David	Tidd

David Tidd

Jamie	Tidd

Jamie Tidd

Joyce	Walters

Joyce Walters

Larry	Walters

Larry Walters

Third Coast

Steven Machiele

Steven Machiele

Debi	Parker

Debi Parker

Steve Parker

Steve Parker

Jim	Archer

Jim Archer



  • Pray consistently for the Fearless Family community, giving input on the spiritual health of the churches.
  • Meet with Fearless Followers needing spiritual comfort due to physical loss, illness, death, disease, etc.
  • Provide pastoral guidance and verses of comfort as appropriate.
  • Meet with Fearless Followers who are in need of spiritual rebuke or correction due to doctrinal error or sin patterns. Seek restoration of fellowship in the body.
  • Meet with Fearless Followers who have disputes with other members of the body.
  • Participate in Healing Prayer services during weekends and ongoing weekend prayer requests of members.
  • Participate in initial and ongoing Shepherding Elder training modules.

Time Investment: 1-3 hours per week                                   Commitment: 2 years

Supporting Relationships

Supporting Relationships: Being empowered by Lead Elders, the Shepherding Elders provide support to the church body with guidance from the Care & Support Ministry Staff.



Character: A Shepherding Elder meets Biblical qualifications outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and is committed to the ministry of the Fearless Family of Churches. Supports and believes in the Fearless mission and statement of belief. Shows a desire to share their faith story and help others come into a relationship with Jesus and facilitate spiritual growth.

Chemistry: Has a desire to be supportive to other team members and the faith community by showing flexibility, cooperation and teach-ability.

Competency: Possesses the gifts needed to carry out the role and has a willingness to continually learn and practice best practices. Shows a desire to invite, equip and empower others to join in serving.


  • Minimum of three years of attendance and service within Fearless Family of Churches
  • Completion of Rooted and active in the ministry
  • Completion Shepherding Elder training modules