Holland East K-7 is a school that does more than just teach their students academic curriculum; they see their students as beacons of hope for the future. Principal Nick Cassidy said,

“East is a school that is home to an extremely diverse group of students. Besides cultural and socio-economic differences, we have many students who have physical, social, and emotional differences. While some may view those differences as challenges, our teachers and students have come to realize that our entire school experience has been enriched by being together.”

The Reach and Restore campaign has allowed Ridge Point to have the honor of partnering with Holland East students and their commitment to focusing on literacy over the past couple years. Fearless Followers donated new and relevant books, and East’s reading program provided fun incentives to encourage the students to read. The students are reading more than ever, and we have watched all grades excel in their reading programs!

We have a great opportunity to strengthen our partnership with Holland East by, together, providing copies of the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio for all of their 3rd-7th grade students. Over the past few years, that book has helped East promote the Be NICE campaign (teaching students how to Notice, Invite, Challenge, and Empower), encourage students to be “Upstanders” instead of “Bystanders”, and acknowledge other classmates who model those expectations. With a school that is working so hard to encourage and empower the students to go above and beyond, we want to help them reach their goal to provide Wonder for almost 600 students! There are a few ways to do that:

  1. Drop off or send $10 to East, and East will do the shopping for you.
  2. Drop off the book in person at the front office at East (373 E. 24th Street, Holland), and add a positive note, quote, or word of encouragement on the inner cover!
  3. Go on to Amazon and have the book shipped to 373 East 24th Street, Holland MI, 49423. A hardcover book right now is just over $10. These will be given to our 3rd-7th grade students (4th and 5th first). Here is the link.
  4. If you would like to donate a picture book for our K-2 learners those books are $13 for a hardcover and $3 for a paperback. Here’s the link.

If you’re itching to be more involved with students at East and their commitment to providing healthy, safe, and happy learning environments, contact Principal Cassidy at ncassidy@hollandpublicschools.org ! He would LOVE to help get you connected at Holland East in whatever way fits best for you. These students are beacons of hope for the future, and we get to help them shine their lights.

Whitney Housenga,

Care Coordinator