Did you know that a group of ladies meet on Thursdays at Ridge Point who encourage, support, and journey with young moms in our community? This ministry is called YoungLives and is led by a committed group of women who love Jesus.

Meet Rosemary and Addy! Rosemary is a mom that participates each week for the past couple of years:

“YoungLives has been such a blessing. It has opened my eyes to how much the Lord blesses others through people in a good way. How cared for each of us young mothers are and how much help is out there for us.

It’s also been amazing learning more about the Bible and bringing that message home to apply to my life. Learning things about the Bible, I wouldn’t have if I didn’t attend. I love how much we also learn about our children as well when we get to do activities with them. Simply to be able to talk about how our day or life is going is wonderful.

The mentors are so attentive to what everyone says and provide a caring environment. Sometimes the activities are a little weird but it’s nice to laugh and have fun in weird ways such as stuffing someone with balloons who has a big hoodie on.

Going to YoungLives makes me want to be a better person and to continue to grow with the Lord. Before YoungLives, my life was slipping away from religion and this group brought me back and gave me a desire to learn more.”

Journeying together and supporting each other makes a huge difference in people’s lives. We all need encouragement and support in different seasons of our life. We all want to be known and have a place to belong, and we get to provide that for each other!



Scott Potter

Executive Pastor – ScottP@FearlessFollower.org

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