Sharing the Gospel with Those Who Are Hurting


1 Corinthians 15:1-4

Weekend Guide:

Lean into the opportunity
Listen to the problem
Lead them through the gospel and to a response
Deeper Dive:

Question 1 – Have you ever shared your faith with someone who is not a believer? Could you share the experience?

Question 2 – What are some reasons why people don’t regularly share their faith? What keeps you from sharing your faith? 

Question 3 – We saw that there are three important elements to the Gospel story: the problem (our sin and brokenness), the solution (Jesus coming, dying and rising), our response (receiving Jesus, following him and sharing the gospel). On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, how confident are you in your understanding of these core elements of the gospel story?

Question 4 – Read Acts 16:16-34. What strikes you the most about this story, and about how Paul and Silas shared the gospel with the Jailer? What does that tell you about the context for sharing the gospel?  

Question 5 – We talked about seeing a crisis as a potential opportunity for sharing the gospel. What could stop you from sharing the gospel in a moment of crisis? What could help you share the gospel with someone in crisis?

Question 6 – Who within your circle of influence – family, neighbors, co-workers – needs to hear the gospel? Pray and make specific plans to try to speak with them about the good news of Jesus Christ.