Did you know that our Fearless Church, Third Coast, is also used as venue space? Hearing from The Venues Events Coordinator, Becky Miller, it’s encouraging to hear about what God is already doing. Check it out!

Sometimes we have visions of how something should be. Today, my vision for The Venues at Third Coast became a reality. I’ve hosted a number of events, each successful and meaningful in its own way. Today was just a touch over the top.

We hosted a wedding ceremony and reception with 176 guests. The ceremony was beautiful at the Arbor at the Pond. After the ceremony, the guests transitioned to the Patio for a cocktail hour and then spread across the property. Some guests were in the Rotunda immersed in the music, some sat on the Patio enjoying popsicles and drinks, some gathered family and snapped great sunset photos on different areas of the property, and some couples snuck away for a quiet walk together. It was amazing to see guests feel invited to explore and enjoy our space and for the property to be so full of life and activity.

I overheard conversations about the ceremony, aspects about the outward representation of how the bride and groom planted a tree to symbolize their marriage taking root. This couple that got married loves Jesus – their guests can see that – and here at The Venues, seeds have been planted about the importance of Christ in marriage.

My words fell short, but for a moment, as I was taking in all that was transpiring around me, I felt God whisper, “Good things are happening here.”