It’s funny how often when we ask someone how they are doing, or they ask us, the response is “busy.” 

We love being busy. We love telling people we are busy. In fact, we often try to one-up each other, maybe subconsciously, with how busy we are . . .  

“How was your day?” 

“Oh it was crazy busy. I had to take the kids to soccer camp, run to work, come home over lunch, mow the lawn, then head back to work, had 3 client meetings, picked up the kids, went home, made dinner, washed the dog, played a game with the kids, put them to bed and then fell asleep while doing the budget.” 

Put whatever things you want to on that list, but how many of us start our conversations that way? I know I am guilty of it too! It’s telling of our culture that we not only are busy, but we want to make sure everyone around us knows about it too!  

If we really pause and think about it, we believe being busy gives us value. If we tell people we are busy, it will make us look better and more important.  

We all have full calendars, so what can we do to change the narrative?  

What if we stopped “being busy?” 

For one week, what if you didn’t tell anyone that you are busy. If someone asks how you are doing, tell them that you are doing well because of a blessing God has given you – your family, your home, your job, that spicy Chick-fil-a sandwich you had for lunch. Whatever the thing, respond to others with gratitude, rather than saying you are busy.  

Here is what will happen when we stop talking about busy and start sharing what gifts God gives us: 

  1. It changes the way you think. Instead of focusing on the hurried schedule, you focus on gratitude, which literally changes your mood, reduces stress and anxiety, and gives credit to God.
  2. It changes the conversation. Instead of the focus being on all the things that must be done, it focuses on the gifts God has given. 
  3. It reminds us that we are more than just people who do tasks. You aren’t just a taxi driver, salesperson, dog groomer, chef, gardener, carpenter, athlete… You are person that is so loved by God that he gives you good things, because he WANTS you to enjoy life!

Stop talking about how busy you are and start talking about how grateful you are.  I dare you!